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FrontRange GoldMine Licence Promotions: Q2 2014

Valid for orders placed by October 31st

1. New or Upgrade with Free SQL(Q2FY1402) (see notes below)

Any new customer or upgrade purchase will receive appropriate SQL Server 2008 CALS.  Normal Maintenance will need to be added.

- International Licensing Pricing: New customers get a 7% discount which makes the value of the software £368 / Standard Edition Upgrade 9% which makes the software value £287 / Corporate Edition Upgrade 11% which makes the software value £227.

*Please note the Corporate Edition upgrade must be on a valid up to date maintenance contract.
** Proof of Standard Edition will be required before the order is accepted.

2. Bump 5 Pack (Q2FY1403) (see notes below)

Users can purchase a 5 user pack for £1700 plus prorated maintenance.

- Additional licenses can be purchased at £350 each with Maintenance at List
- Must be current on maintenance
- Must be running SQL Server 2008 or later (a purchased upgrade to SQL is required by Microsoft for older versions)
- International Licensing Pricing works out about 14% off of local RRP license price.

3. SQL 2012 Standard Upgrade (Q2FY1404)

Take advantage of the latest SQL release for improved performance and other updates. Regular price is £128 – upgrade for 36% discount  which makes the cost of the Cal £85 a license.


- All offers expire on October 30th, 2013.
- These promos can be combined and used with any other special pricing as approved by VP GoldMine.
- Availability, pricing, eligibility and terms of promotions are subject to change at any time.  Whether an order qualifies for any promotion is subject to FrontRange’s sole determination.

1 Maintenance and Support is required for all seats. 

- The Maintenance for GoldMine Premium Edition is £79 for Premium Edition per license and £87 for Corporate Edition per licence
- The first year annual minimum is £237 for Premium Edition and covers 1-3 users.

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