Small Business Server 2011

Uprade to Microsoft Small Business Server 2011


The clock’s ticking on your opportunity to upgrade to Microsoft Small Business Server 2011

If you haven’t already considered upgrading your server platform, then we’d suggest that now is the time to consider your options.

TSG recommends Microsoft SoftwareMicrosoft’s Small Business Server has been around since 1997 and many businesses continue to rely on SBS 2003 to underpin their systems and applications.

SBS 2011 is the latest version and allows you to take advantage of significant enhancements that have been made to the server environment to improve performance, create efficiencies and keep your business future-proof. However, you only have a brief window of opportunity to upgrade and take advantage, as Microsoft have announced that SBS 2011 will only be available until June 30th 2013.


The reason for this announcement?  

Microsoft recently launched a new range of server platforms, Server 2012, including 2012 Essentials which is aimed at small business with up to 25 users and designed to support the integration of on-premise applications with cloud based services.

For those who are ready for the migration to the cloud that’s great.

We suspect that many will not yet be ready for such a radical change in thinking around the way they consume their IT services, although by running older systems they’re undoubtedly missing out on critical developments in server technology.

What do you get when you upgrade?

  • Email is upgraded to MS Exchange Server 2010 Standard SP1 with a huge increase in mailbox storage to 1024GB, with up to 5 stores available.
  • Collaboration is improved from Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 to 2010 Foundation which includes business specific templates
  • Virtualisation technology in Hyper-V allows you to tap into the  efficiencies and cost savings that this powerful technology can bring to your business
  • Mobility is greatly improved with the improved Outlook Web Access (OWA) mirroring Office Outlook more closely than ever and Remote Web Access that allows you to share documents, co-ordinate calendars, resolve issues and participate in discussion wherever you are
  • Database functionality is driven by the impressive Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for Small Businesses available as a Premium Add-on (will only run with SBS 2011)

In time, we believe that most businesses will migrate at least some of their critical functions to the cloud but in the meantime the decision to stick with Small Business Server in the form of SBS 2011 will ensure that your business is exceptionally well placed for the future.

Either way, we’d urge you to speak to one of our specialists and make sure that you’re making a well-informed decision, rather than waiting until the decision is taken out of your hands and dealing with whatever consequences entail.

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