XP End of Life - What Next

On April 8th 2014, Microsoft withdrew support for the decade-old Windows XP.

Benefit from 10 years of innovation with Windows 8 and Office 2013

Windows 8 delivers enhanced security, mobility, productivity and flexibility

Take advantage of special offers to make the upgrade even more affordable

There will be no new security updates, non-security hot fixes, free or paid assisted support options or online technical content updates.

So whilst you’ve really no option other than to take action, the great news is that you’ll benefit from a decade of innovation that has resulted in Windows 8.


Windows 8.1

Windows 8 is the next generation of operating system, designed to provide a seamless user experience that delivers improvements in productivity and performance at the same time as ensuring the highest levels of security and reliability.


Optimised start-up and shut down routines alone could save up to 10 minutes per user every day in comparison to the typically sluggish performance of machines ‘clogged up’ by updates. That’s the equivalent of a working week every year!


(It’s easy to forget that over the last 10 years more than 1,200 patches have been installed on Windows XP through updates that run automatically in the background.)


Office 2013To get the most from your new Windows 8 operating system, we’d also suggest that you consider taking advantage of the new range of specifically designed PCs, laptops, tablets and convertibles.


And if you’re running Office 2003, which also came to end of life in April 2014, it makes sense to upgrade to Office 2013 at the same time.





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