Sage 200 Budget Forecast Report 2013-2014

Sage 200 Budget Forecast

Due to the EFA introducing so many changes to the Budget Forecast report, TSG have taken the least invasive approach in order to minimise the impact on your Accounts.  With this in mind however, your Report Categories will need to be re-numbered and accounts will need to be added/realigned to the new categories.

Depending upon when you converted and implemented Sage 200, your Report Categories may follow the GAG2 report line numbers rather than the previous version of the Budget Forecast, or you may have your own report categories.  The instructions will guide you through the changes you need to make to bring your report categories in line with the new Budget Forecast format and are based on changing from the previous version of the Budget Forecast.

We have provided the following, to enable you to implement these changes:

Guidelines to Sage 200 Changes Required; these notes will guide you through the process of amending the report categories


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13-14 Budget Forecast Report Changes at a glance; Details of the changes needed


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13-14  Budget Forecast Additional Reports Categories; the report category file for import.  Instructions on importing can be found within the Guidelines document


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Profit & Loss; a new Profit and Loss statement to reflect the new report categories


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We would recommend that you read through the Year End check list prior to commencing with the Sage 200 Year End as this will enable you to raise and discuss any queries you may have with the support team before the year end is in running. 

This document is not intended to be an exclusive list and you may have additional reports, or processes, that you will need to add to complete your own year end.


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