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Technology Talks: Spotlight on Windows 10

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Welcome to the first in a series of five video blog posts this week (or ‘vlogs’, to be down with the kids) on Microsoft’s Windows 10.

I sat down for an informal chat with two of TSG’s fellow bloggers – Paul Burns, TSG’s National Technical Director, and Steve Cox, TSG’s Chief Operating Officer – and asked them what they thought to the brand new operating system, due for release later this year.

Coming up in this series we’ve got Cortana on the PC (how are businesses really going to take advantage?), a commentary on HoloLens and the future of computing devices, Project Spartan and why Microsoft had to make such a leap away from the Internet Explorer brand, and a view on Satya Nadella’s first year in charge including a view on ‘Is Microsoft cool again?’

First up I asked a few questions on the features we saw at Windows’ 10 launch event, why Microsoft are giving it away to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for a year, and how different Windows 10 is going to be to previous versions.

More episodes:

Episode 2Cortana and the Surface Hub

Episode 3: HoloLens and the Future of Devices

Episode 4: Project Spartan

Episode 5: The Tenure of Satya Nadella

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