Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Free Trial

Rather than take our word for it, you can get a taste for yourself of the advantages offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 thanks to free trial set up the exclusively for TSG customers.

It’s an opportunity to get a feel for the new layout and navigation, and of course, the potential it will offer through a well-considered implementation.

Clearly, any effective system requires planning, design and testing but your trial will help you to explore new possibilities and understand how your new CRM system fits with the way you and your team work.


What’s more, if you aren’t already working with hosted solutions, the trial will give you your first insight into Cloud based applications.

For all those considering a Cloud-based deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015we’re offering a FREE ‘Cloud Readiness Assessment’ to ensure that your existing infrastructure and systems will support a problem-free transition.*

*The cost of the Cloud Readiness Assessment will be written off against the deployment costs when you purchase Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 from TSG.

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