Seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

As you’d expect, integration starts with Microsoft’s familiar Office tools used on a daily basis by businesses for documentation, reporting, emails and communication.

However, it goes much further and much deeper.

And most importantly, it all adds to the productivity and efficiency that a well-designed and implemented CRM solution will bring to your business.

External connector functionality is included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 to allow the integration with websites and other applications that is becoming essential for any organisation looking to operate as a truly ‘digital business’.

A Yammer feed is built into the user interface to provide perspectives and information from all those within your business who share a connection with a particular contact in CRM.

Skype calls, Lync calls and messaging, and emails can all be made or sent direct from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 without the need to open the specific application.

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