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The Making of Total Secrecy Guaranteed

Total Secrecy Guaranteed is a very light-hearted video, which aims to introduce our unique Research and Development department.

They’re bringing to the IT world some incredibly impressive stuff, and they have a real focus on quality and innovation. There’s also a very unique culture within this department, which this film aims to bring to life.

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The Ultimate Movie Monster Size Guide

For a bit of fun, we’ve put together this infographic: The Ultimate Science Fiction Monster Size Guide. Thought Jurassic Park’s T-Rex was pretty big? You haven’t seen it stacked against Godzilla or Ghostbuster’s Mr Puft.

Enjoy…and we're very much looking forward to releasing our own sci fi mini movie, starring our R & D department, very soon - we are now less than 2 weeks away from the premiere.

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The Tribe Bug Hunt

By Jon Roe, Senior Test Analyst

As a software tester, debating whether something is a bug or not with a developer isn't an uncommon occurrence. This is no bad thing. These discussions provoke new ideas and help us to make the best software we can.

It’s unusual, however, when it's the developer insisting that something is a bug in that debate. It feels like my world has been turned upside down. To be honest, it freaked me out....

So, 10 developers, 3 product managers, 2 support staff, an application consultant, the chief architect and the director of research and development...

Welcome to the TSG Tribe bug hunt....

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Alien Technology: Unsealed

By Simon Jenkinson, Chief Architect

Recently I was asked to look at a piece of technology that I hadn’t ever used before (I know that’s a shock right? – Despite what rumours may have been spread, I don’t actually know everything…:) )

What I was looking at is irrelevant to this story, but like most people who come across technology which is alien to them, my emotions were mixed between fear and excitement. Mostly fear….

When I actually cracked open the box and got into it though, parts of the system seemed somewhat familiar, and the basic syntax of the language was like an old pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn for 20 years (although I’m not sure that fashion could cope with them now!).

So, putting the fear to one side, I started to reverse engineer (AKA, take it apart).

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Read the full blog here

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