BTL powered by Asigra

Secure. Manageable. Efficient.

Backup Technology (BTL) are a global leader in Cloud Backup powered by Asigra, protecting over 20 Petabytes of data.

Cloud based backups require reliable communication links but provide greater resilience, rely less on the end user and are far less prone to failure, often caused when tapes are missing from the drive.

Data is replicated over 2 datacentres, encrypted both in transit and at rest and BTL covers all major operating systems and databases.


Agentless technology

Asigra’s agentless technology helps to ensure that your cloud backup environment is secure, easier to manage, more efficient and with fewer disruptions. Talk to our experts today. 

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Recovery & restore assurance

Asigra’s features such as autonomic healing and validation processes ensure the consistency and accuracy of your data so that you can recover from your backups every time; removing uncertainties related to recovery.

Secure and compliant

Encrypts information at source using a NIST FIPS 140-2 certified algorithm that ensures that your data is secure both in-flight and at rest, while ensuring that you are compliant with regulations relating to data security, such as ISO 27001.

Simple, straightforward licensing

Asigra is licensed based on the capacity of data protected in your cloud backup repository; no additional costs per platform or application being backed up.

Automated and efficient

You have the ability to schedule and automate the backup process, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing efficiencies. Contact us here for more information. 

Single pane of glass view

Monitor, control, and manage your entire data protection infrastructure in real-time from a single pane of glass – proactively managing your cloud based backups instead of reactively responding to them.


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