Call Management

We work with leading specialists, Tri-Line, to provide sophisticated call logging software that allows businesses to produce a range of management reports tracking telephone usage and volumes.

Analysing incoming calls, target response time, busy periods, billing reports, call geography and lost calls allows you to assess capacity, control costs and track performance against budgets.

The Tri-Line product range accommodates single site, multi-site and enterprise level operations, with TIM Professional and TIM Plus ideal for SMEs, supporting up to 400 users capturing data from up to 5 PBX systems.

How our call logging software works

You’ll access your data through either a Windows-based application or a Windows service, with striking, informative and fully-customisable display boards included to provide instant business intelligence, including call alarms with calls are displayed as soon as they’re finished.

Alongside Tri-Line’s call logging systems, TIM Talk provides secure encrypted recording for single or multi-site which can be accessed through any standard web browser.

Their Magic Box sits between your lines and telephone system and passively intercepts your phone lines, monitoring and recording all calls to and from your organisation.

It’s easy to search for and play back calls. Auditing, scoring and flagging are all included as standard and TIM Talk integrates seamlessly with TIM Professional and TIM Plus for advanced reporting.

It’s all about being in control of your communications and presenting a consistent and highly professional impression to your customers.

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