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A significant proportion of our work at TSG is taking over CRM projects that for one reason or another have not yielded the desired results. 

The reasons range from poor planning and design to overlooking critical elements such as user engagement and cultural change management but the end result is inevitably frustration and disappointment.

We’d hazard a guess that the majority of decision makers have struggled with a poor CRM software system at some stage but if that is the case, we’d urge you not to be tainted by your experience. Well-conceived, expertly designed CRM software solutions can generate substantial return on investment. Our take-on or recovery services starts with a comprehensive review of your project as it stands or in the case of CRM systems that are already in place we’ll undertake a detailed technical evaluation.

By preparing a full situation report and documenting your requirements we can ensure that your migration to TSG is completely positive and we certainly won’t allow you to migrate your problems! It’s a clear demonstration of why it’s so important to find a CRM partner you can trust to deliver a system that will support your goals and ambitions.

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