Elementary education software and your team

Financial Directors and business managers will enjoy the familiarity of a system that dominates the commercial world.

New users will benefit from the intuitive simplicity of dashboards and workflows.

Budget holders can make informed decisions based on easy to access information on their budget.

Governors and leaders will always be informed with an up-to-the minute view on the financial position of the Academy.

Elementary education software for the Senior Leadership Team and Governors

TSG Elementary plays a key role in decision-making, financial control and governance

  • Access, view and print off key management reports
  • View budget reports and summaries
  • Safe and secure anytime / anywhere access to this key data

Elementary education software for the Finance Team

TSG Elementary drastically reduces the administrative burden on the finance team by:

  • Allowing key management staff access to their reports
  • Providing budget holders with access to their dashboard and budget reports removing the need to send out monthly
  • Providing view of progress of purchase requests, reducing staff need to visit office for updates
  • Built in AAR /WGA and CFR reports that are kept updated by TSG reduce the finance team workload.

TSG Elementary ensures control and creates efficiency by:

  • Providing access to staff to create online purchase requests (for example technicians, site managers and key staff)
  • Setting staff with limits and provide correct nominal codes to select from (e.g. English books and equipment)
  • Setting spend limits and alerts on budget spend for budget holders and other users
  • Built-in audit to reduce paper trails
  • Providing staff the option to confirm when good have arrived and add delivery note reference to system in advance of invoice
  • Report drill down facility allows ease of view of spend
  • Fully flexible CoA that retains reporting integrity when adding new nominal

Elementary education software for the Budget Holder

TSG Elementary creates a greater sense of ownership of budgets, backed with a complete audit trail

  • View and authorise purchase requests online
  • Check budget/s in same window online
  • Anytime / anywhere access so handy in the holidays
  • Reject and change purchase requests
  • Create and authorise own requests

Elementary education software for the Teacher and Support Staff

TSG Elementary makes the purchase request process far more efficient and provides reassurance that requests are moving forward

  • Create purchase requests using online form – linked to schools catalogues where appropriate
  • View and track purchase requests from submission to authorised to posted to received
  • Request delivery to a named person

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