Membership software implementation and deployment

Easier implementation and deployment for your membership management software

Whilst many traditional CRM projects require lengthy scoping – a challenging process in itself – and are often subject to change and delay, TSG Tribe is designed to be configured out-of-the-box.

Scoping is replaced with a gap analysis to facilitate rapid deployment.

What’s more, rather than re-inventing the wheel and building each system from scratch, with TSG Tribe membership software common tasks have been predetermined, best practices applied and the whole package has been tried and tested.

Better still, it’s built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM which boasts an intuitively simple user interface and navigation that will make adoption seamless and straightforward. Especially for any organisations who currently work with the Microsoft Office suite.

For those battling with clunky and outdated systems it’s likely to be a real breath of fresh air.

A new era in Membership Management
Tribe Membership Management

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