Dynamics CRM 2015 improves complex and comprehensive process flows

New branching capability enables the design of more complex and comprehensive process flows, with branch selection done automatically and in real time based on predefined rules.

Hierarchical charts allow related or grouped information to be viewed by accounts, products or users, showing an overall position and key information such as the latest activity or credit limits.

Collaboration is made easier as it’s possible to view who else is working on a specific account.CRM 2015 Collaboration








Calculated fields and roll-ups offer valuable insights and eliminate manual processes, allowing salespeople to view weighted revenue for an opportunity or automatically apply discount once a spend threshold has been reached.

Equally, it’s possible to see how many leads an individual or team are working on, total revenue for the open opportunities related to the account or the total number of high priority open cases related to the account.

Entity-specific or organization-specific customisable help will improve user experience by providing contextual information to users filling in forms.

Enhanced security options, field level security and improvements in the creation of business rules ensure that business processes are applied effectively and the right users can access the right information.

The Transformational Impact of Technology on Knowledge Management and Customer Service
Thursday, November 24, 2016 - 09:00
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