Acknowledged as a ‘champion’ in a study carried out by Info-Tech Research Group, Mitel have a reputation for setting the trend in the telecoms market.

A long history of innovation has seen Mitel lead the way in VoIP (voice over internet protocol), bringing scalability and cost savings alongside simplified support and maintenance.

They broke new ground in decoupling hardware and software apart has allowed businesses to add their communications solutions into their data infrastructure, offering further efficiencies by using the same types of servers for all applications across the board.

Mitel is at the forefront of the most recent evolution in the business communications market, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), combining multiple IT capabilities to enable an efficient approach to communication and improving how individuals, groups and organisations conduct business.

Their excellent portfolio of products are designed to easily integrate with a wide variety of existing systems and business processes, including virtualization, allowing businesses the freedom to evolve as their need dictates.

Whether updating an existing telephony system, adding collaboration tools, improving customer service, or supporting mobile and remote workers, Mitel solutions provide businesses with a comprehensive communication solution that can be tailored to their needs and is simple to implement, manage and use.

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