Mobility and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With an ever-increasing number of users working remotely (according to leading researchers IDC around 50% of the UK workforce is classified as mobile) it’s becoming a necessity for many businesses to have the ability to access their CRM system on a range of mobile devices.

Your customers expect your people to have all of their job-essential information to hand wherever they are and that’s always possible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 which offers mobility out-of-the-box.

Its ‘touch-ready’ working seamlessly on touch-enabled devices such as Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 tablets, and apps are available for iPad, Android and Windows Phone to provide a high quality native device experience. Multi-browser support includes Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Whether you’re a business manager, sales person or service engineer, our specialists will be able to help you configure the information you need to view on your device.

It’s all aimed at revolutionising the way you work and delivering amazing experiences.

Here's a video of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for tablets

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