Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN)

Even though you might not realise, it’s likely that you already know a bit about Myriad from KCOM.

As a market-leading in-bound call handling system, Myriad sits behind some of the most familiar telephone numbers in the UK. We will all have used these inbound services, probably without even realising, by casting votes through television programmes.

For SMEs, Myriad opens up a number of possibilities that create a professional impression with customers including non-geographic numbers and peak-time call management.

Non-geographic numbers, such as 0845, not only allow you to build a national presence but also provide your customers with local call rates when they contact you.

And peak-time call management allows you to effectively hold calls in a system, only releasing them when lines and operators become free. This avoids the need to pay for lines that are only used on an irregular basis and is invaluable for many TSG customers who experience increased call traffic for ticketing and based around specific events.

For those who need to impose a charge on customers for access to advice or support, Myriad also offers premium rate services.

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