Office 365 and Unified Comms

Not only is unified communications helping businesses to make significant savings on their travel costs, it’s also a far more efficient way to stay in touch.

Skype for BusinessSkype for Business, previously known as Lync, facilitates everything from PC-to-PC calling with audio and video to instant messaging for the times when you need to ask someone a quick question or send them a piece of information fast.

Unlike email, instant messaging works in real time, so there’s no delay and the conversation is saved in your mailbox for future reference.

The presence indicator allows you to see immediately who’s available to chat so you can resolve the question or issue fast. Alternatively, you can convert to a call or video call with a simple click.k

Equally, with Office 365 and Skype for Business you can host or join meetings with HD video for small to large groups and still feel as if you’re all sitting around the same table, with everyone in a perfect position to contribute.

It’s easy for different people to lead different parts of the meeting and share their screen, and everyone can take notes in real time so they have a record of it later to keep or to share.

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