Reporting, Budgeting and Governance

Reporting and Governance

Gone are the days of monthly reports, out of date by the time they’ve landed on the doorstep of key stakeholders. Expectations continue to grow, largely driven by our experience as consumers, and TSG Elementary matches these expectations with real-time data to facilitate exceptional decision-making.

Leaders and governors alike can access information, tailored to their areas of responsibility and relevant to their role, from any web-enabled device and without the need for a licence for the core system.

It’s not simply a matter of knowing the data, it’s about applying the data to make an impact in the school and classroom.

Budgeting and Compliance

Visibility is key to the effective and efficient management of budgets and that’s exactly what TSG Elementary delivers.

We call it ‘democratisation of data’ and it ensures that budget holders can take full responsibility for and ownership of departmental spend to maximise impact in the classroom without the disruption of chasing paper – or even emails.

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