Sage 200 BI

The Sage 200 Business Intelligence (BI) tool provides a unified and integrated view of all your data, with complete management dashboards and analysis. Sage 200 BI makes complicated spreadsheets a thing of the past as reports are generated automatically. What's more, reports will always be relevant and up to date as Sage 200 BI is integrated with the data in your Sage 200 solution.

Sage 200 Business Intelligence provides:

  • Increased Control and Agility - Sage BI can help you identify areas of low and high performance
  • A complete view of your business - With Sage 200 BI you can analyse your data closely in order to identify trends across your business. For example which customers are buying which products? Who was buying from you but isn’t anymore? Who are your worst paying customers? 
  • Industry-leading technology - Sage 200 Business Intelligence solutions are based on the familiar Microsoft Platform, using Microsoft SQL server analysis services

Sage BI Dashboard

What could Sage Business Intelligence do for your business?

Typically Sage 200 users use the software to help them:

  • Analyse data against a number of pre-defined criterion against over 70 BI reports provided as standard 
  • Gain visibility of key performance indicators, such as cost of sale, stock consumption and poor performing suppliers
  • Access and analyse customer information, such as profitability and seasonal requirements by quarter, month, week or even day 
  • Plan for business growth at minimal risk by analysing data and identifying opportunities 
  • Respond to changes in the business environment easily
  • Create reports easily and distribute them quickly
  • Sage 200 Business Intelligence provides users with a set of reporting analysis tools which are integrated with Excel. Once generated the reports can be held on the Sage Business Intelligence server, and this enables you to share your data analysis with anyone in the organisation who requires access to it.

Maximise your productivity and minimise costs

TSG can customise Sage 200 Business Intelligence solutions to suit the exact requirements of an organisation. This makes the software available to all businesses irrespective of company size, budget or sector. Once the software has been implemented, users will quickly gain an understanding of how to use software and this will mean that the benefits will be become evident rapidly.

Sage 200 BI Inactive customer screenshot

Enable you to achieve a real competitive advantage

Although successful planning is key to the success of an organisation, implementing Sage 200 Business Intelligence will bring a significant competitive advantage. Whether it is analysing the costs which the business incurs or identifying products which have been profitable, having a fully integrated solution will enable you to make the connection between your back office and customer facing operations, provide you with a real competitive edge over the competition.

Get Sage 200 Working for your business

With our extensive experience of CRM, Accounts and Business Systems, there's no better company than TSG to implement Sage 200 Business Intelligence.

Sage Business Intelligence Brochure
Sage Business Intelligence Brochure