Sage 200 in Professional Services

Not only does Sage 200 give you tight control of budgets, reduce unproductive time from projects and provide significant project cost savings, it also helps your team develop a strong understanding of your clients. This further improves your project management performance and ultimately your profitability.

The Sage 200 modules used in Professional Services include:
  • Sage 200 CRM
    Helping your professional services team build strong and profitable relationships essential to the success of project managers and customer facing staff. It provides staff with a clear and comprehensive record of all your clients, communications, business and transaction history, giving you a deep understanding of what drives your customers. All staff share a single, consistent and comprehensive view of client interactions, enabling you to focus on building profitable relationships, so customers return time and again.
  • Sage 200 Project Accounting
    A project management system which your project managers can set up to work the way they, and your business, work best. This means they can get the most from their own time as well as optimising project resources, track project profitability and where necessary use customised project structures. Project managers and senior staff can monitor and report on project performance at every stage, while billing is accurate and on-time due to automated invoicing processes. What's more, project costs are even more accurately tracked with additional functionality which allows project staff to enter timesheet and expenses online or via an intranet.
Sage 200 Extra Forge Ahead
Sage 200 2015
Time to Move On? Upgrade from Sage 50 to Sage 200
Sage 200 CRM
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