Sales Productivity improvements with new Dynamics CRM 2015 features

New features in Microsoft Dynamics 2015 have been designed specifically to help your sales team sell more effectively.

Using product families, it’s possible to bundle products and recommend related products to capitalise on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Tailored pricelists and product catalogues ensure that the best products are positioned at the best price.

Accessories and substitute products are presented in real-time as deals are being worked on.Sales Productivity with Dynamics CRM 2015










Automation of business processes ensure your sales team are guided to achieve targeted outcomes and hierarchical data visualisation ensures that you can manage and report on sales in a way that maps to your business.

Flexible, role tailored dashboards and peronalised homepages can now be accessed on the go using tablet devices and offline drafts can be created, synchronising on reconnection.

Sales Activity Social Dashboard











And for those who are using Windows Phone 8.1, voice commands allow appointments to be created and follow-up logged using Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant, Cortana.

Enhanced SLAs (Service Level Agreements) also enrich customer service capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015.

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