Selecting the right CRM solution

At TSG we’ve got the resources to invest the time and energy to identify the most effective solutions, getting to know them inside out and we are confident that we are best placed to support you in getting the maximum value from your CRM software system.

With experience and knowledge gained from hundreds of successful projects there’s not much that our experts haven’t done with both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sage CRM. That means they’ll ask exactly the right questions to build the best CRM software solution possible.

Understanding your CRM software objectives

We’ll need to understand your business strategy and objectives. We’ll need to know how many people will use the system? Will it need to integrate with existing software? Will users require remote or mobile access? Will its primary function be for marketing campaign management, streamlining workflow, service scheduling, lead tracking or a combination of these and others?

As deployment options become increasingly complex we’ll need to know about your infrastructure or any future developments to your technical strategy. And even if you are facing these questions for the first time, you can be reassured that we’ve asked and answered them many times.

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