Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV functionality will help your organisation quickly respond to customer service requests, organise resources for maximum efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. And through helping your business deliver superior customer service, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you gain a competitive edge and build customer loyalty. This in turn helps build your profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives your staff the insight they need to make profitable decisions about the costs, inventories, workloads, and financial returns of your service operations. Role Centres provide access to the data, reports, alerts, and common tasks businesses need to work effectively.

You can personalise your Role Centre based on business needs, including the ability to view key performance indicators (KPIs) on service levels or customer satisfaction rates. It's also easy to create ad-hoc reports on current inventory levels or price adjustments, and export the data to Microsoft Excel in a single click so that you can easily share it with colleagues.

The benefits of using Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV include:
  • Enhanced operational efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps create a productive work environment with clear visibility and tight control over parts inventories, costs, workloads, and task prioritisation.
  • Improved service order management. Microsoft Dynamics NAV will streamline the generation, dispatch, completion, and invoicing of service orders, and track parts consumption with access to up-to-date information about contract agreements, pricing, task prioritisation, and the skills and workloads of service technicians.
  • More effective management of contracts. Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it easy to set up and track warranties, service level agreements (SLAs), contractual service periods, or response times to automate related service orders, capture data on contract fulfilment and history, and help ensure profitable quotes and agreements.
  • Building customer loyalty through giving your staff the tools to deliver proactive service, considering customer histories and preferences in dispatch decisions, and implementing customer-specific pricing and discounts.
For more information about using Service Management in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, please contact TSG.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Brochure
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Brochure

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