Microsoft SharePoint and Quality

SharePoint and Quality

Achieving – and maintaining – accreditations such as IS0:9001 means having rigorously controlled and documented systems and processes.

SharePoint is the ideal tool to help you to maintain responsibility and accountability, and ensure your processes are clear and watertight.

If you’re in an industry where your safety procedures are absolutely crucial to the foundations of your business, we understand exactly how to create a solution using Microsoft SharePoint as the platform. In fact, we’ve built many such systems.

It removes the risk of the domino effect – that is when you make a change to one documented process and need to account for the direct or indirect impact on others.

Your Microsoft SharePoint solution can ensure that all those who need to be aware of, or are affected by, the change are kept fully informed. And, of course, the change can be approved and authorised using intelligent workflows.

The starting point will always be a sophisticated process map created by our talented SharePoint developers – the very team who built the system that underpins TSG’s own ISO:9001 accreditation.

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