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Create the right impression for your business

Creating the right impression is essential for business success. Achieving this often requires significant investment. However, in the quest to maximise profitability many organisations look for ways to reduce their outgoings. TSG supplies Spindle Professionalfrom Draycir, because it often provides the answer.


Ideal for small to mid-market businesses Spindle Professional automates and streamlines communications as well as keeping within time and resource budget parameters.

What is Spindle Professional?

Spindle professional enables businesses to merge information from business applications such as Sage 200 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV and create documents which can be sent to customers quickly and easily. What's more, Spindle allows you to add your company logo and company branding to letters, emails invoices and delivery notes - eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed stationary and subsequently reducing costs. In addition the software is flexible so you can create promotional and seasonal messages whenever you want to.

Spindle Professional automates routine communications and consequently provides significant cost savings on stationary, postage and staff administration. And, because routine communications are automated, Spindle reduces the chance of human error and improves accuracy of communication.

Key benefits of Spindle;

  • Dramatically reduces costs - Document delivery by email and fax
  • Intelligent delivery - Spindle professional knows what to fax, what to email and what to print
  • Flexible - Automatically adds terms and conditions and seasonal or promotional messages
  • Saves money and wastage - Uses plain paper instead of pre-printed paper
  • Emails and Archives - Documents are sent and stored as PDF files

Where can Spindle Professional be used?

Spindle professional is a highly flexible piece of software and is useful in all departments of a business from Sales and Marketing to Customer Service and Support.

Features of Spindle Professional

  • Integrates with your current business applications
  • Emails and stores files as PDF
  • Sends documents to multiple destinations at the same time
  • Integrates with a wide range of fax, email and CRM software
  • Can be used with almost any application that will print
  • Works with major accounting systems including: Sage Line 50 and Sage 200

Spindle Professional and Sage 200

Spindle Professional improves the effectiveness of the Sage 200 suite by joining together the accounting and CRM elements and therefore providing you with one central source of information.

Having all your information stored in one centralised location is critical for developing employee knowledge which ultimately enables you to deliver improved customer service. This in turn will help you create and maintain long term relationships with customers.

Automated Spindle and Sage CRM integration

Once integrated with Sage CRM, spindle professional can automatically link all outgoing documents to a customer or a company. This ensures that all employees within the company will be able to see the latest communications sent out to customers.

The Spindle and Sage CRM integration ensures that all information relating to a company is stored in one place and that there is no need to search different databases for information about a company.

Benefits of Spindle and Sage CRM Integration:

  • Reduced duplication of effort in terms of inputting information
  • Enables greater communication between departments
  • Provides a better insight and understanding about your business relationships
  • Improves communication across all areas of business including finance, sales, customer service and marketing

Why Buy Spindle Professional from TSG?

With our extensive knowledge of Sage 200 and Sage CRM, there is no better company than TSG to ensure that Spindle is working correctly for your organisation. TSG has a close working relationship with Draycir and is a Sage Accredited Business Partner.

For more information about Spindle Professional, Sage 200, Sage CRM or the Spindle Professional and Sage 200 integration please contact TSG.

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