Taking the pain of your telecoms solution

Sadly, many businesses have struggled with their phone lines, whether it’s installing new lines or the frustration of fixing day-to-day problems and getting passed from pillar to post.

It’s a pain that you can live without and that we’re more than happy handle on your behalf.

In fact, we appreciate that it’s higher on your list of priorities when it comes to telecoms than almost anything else.

Taking care of your telecoms solution for you

By undertaking a number of pre-test and diagnostic routines to identify potential faults we’re able to manage service engineers direct, pinpointing and resolving any problems quickly and effectively.

Our direct relationship with BT Openreach puts us in a unique position in serving the mid-market community to offer exceptional support and issue resolution.

Many of the smaller telecoms businesses struggle to get answers as a result of their remote position in the supply chain and have severely limited influence in resolving problems.

Equally, all but the biggest customers tend to get ‘lost in the system’ with the big players; we’re talking about huge multi-national operations.

More importantly, with TSG SystemCare monitoring your environment 24/7 you’ll never be just another number, so you can get on with running your business safe in the knowledge that you know exactly who to call for support and advice.

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