Veritas Enterprise Vault

Reduce the clutter. Streamline your data.

Veritas Enterprise Vault targets all data sources to archive infrequently accessed, duplicate, and business records into a centrally managed repository. Information is indexed, compressed and deduplicated to reduce space and expense.


Regardless of whether your business is regulated or not, there is still a growing need to search electronic information for other reasons including internal audits, HR requests, compliance supervision and legal cases.

Veritas Enterprise Vault has the ability to archive from various sources such as Microsoft Exchange and improves the identification and review of archived content with advanced search, conversation threading, and bulk marking and tagging. Contact us today for more information. 

Relevant items are easily preserved within the archive for legal hold.

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SharePoint archiving reduces the clutter created from users posting and forgetting files, multiple document versions, and orphaned project sites.

Archiving reduces the bloat of your SharePoint resources while maintaining end user productivity and supporting your information governance strategies.

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