At TSG we apply the latest techniques to ensure that we maximise the benefits virtualisation can bring to your business both in your server and your desktop environment. Virtualisation technologies allow you to run your IT more efficiently and by consolidating servers businesses can increase overall hardware utilisation and reduce the cost of operating a data centre through reduced rack space, electricity usage, and cooling costs.

Live backups and quick migration of virtual machines to other virtualisation hosts in your environment allow you to reduce or eliminate downtime required for routine maintenance. By introducing virtualisation to your PC environment, using a variety of technology options from Microsoft, Citrix and VMWare, you can make use of low-cost devices and increase control over the desktop.

Offering server virtualisation solutions from world class vendors including VMWare or HyperV, we’ll help you:

  • Consolidate servers - we can reduce server numbers massively, eliminating server sprawl and cutting maintenance costs.
  • Reduce energy consumption - every server virtualised saves about 7000kWh of electricity annually, or about £600 in energy costs.
  • Increase IT capacity - improve server usage rates up to 60-80%. Running fewer, highly utilised servers frees up space and power.
  • Manage your system better - reduce sprawl and deployment, regain control and management of critical systems.
  • Reduce CO2 emissions - four tons of CO2 are eliminated for every server virtualised. That’s the equivalent to taking 15 cars off the road!
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