Web Protection

Ensures safe and productive web use

  • Web Malware Protection
  • URL Filtering Policies
  • SafeSearch, YouTube, and Google Apps
  • HTTPS Scanning
  • Application Control

Content-based threats are a constant problem, with businesses of all sizes equally vulnerable to malicious attacks if they don’t have the right levels of protection.

Sophos UTM’s Secure Web Gateway prevents malware infections and gives you control over your employees’ web use. Spyware and viruses are stopped before they can enter the network. And, you can quickly create policies that set where and how employees spend time online.

Sophos Web Protection

Proven protection against web threats

The latest web threats are blocked using advanced techniques like JavaScript emulation and Live Protection cloud lookups to detect malicious web code before it reaches the browser. It also prevents infected systems from calling home with sensitive data. The Sophos UTM engine inspects all HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic, including active content like Active X, Flash, cookies, VBScript, Java and JavaScript.

Customizable URL Filtering boosts productivity

You can quickly and easily create safe web browsing policies, minimizing legal concerns around inappropriate content and maximize productivity.
Detailed reports show key web activity like domains visited and bandwidth consumed. At-a-glance flow graphs show usage trends by IP address or user name.

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