xRM: 'Anything' Relationship Management

Another industry acronym that we’re not particularly keen on - 'xRM' stands for Anything Relationship Management or Extended Relationship Management; in other words managing relationships and interactions with suppliers, employees, partners, assets, or just about anything else you might think of.

We can help you develop your CRM system

At TSG, we’ve been pushing the boundaries and extending CRM systems for more than a decade, addressing the challenging and often very precise demands of our customers. It’s typically about building a unified system that connects all aspects of your business together and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an excellent platform from which to develop.

The likelihood is that we’ve probably already developed a solution that will resolve your business problem and if not we’ll be able to integrate a range of technologies, using web services and Microsoft .Net to control business logic and data and open up limitless possibilities. In fact, we’ve already spun out a number of our developments as stand-alone products that tackle a range of common challenges faced by businesses.  Why not find out more about our Sector Solutions, or talk to us about your own specific requirements.

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