Our telecoms partners

As in all areas of technology, we select the partners we work with great care and consideration.

Relationships are critical and we need to be confident that our telecoms partners will deliver the level of service we demand for our customers.

Fragmentation in the telecoms market can make it very confusing especially as any supplier with a vested interest in a particular technology will push their offer regardless of whether or not it’s the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your requirements.

On the one hand, a few major players dominate the market with the risk that smaller customers can be effectively held to ransom, yet at the other end of the scale, there’s been a proliferation of small brokers offering services over which they have very little control as barriers to entry in the telecoms market are relatively low.

We source lines direct from principle wholesaler BT Openreach – in exactly the same way that BT Business and BT Local do – so we’re not part of a complex or convoluted supply chain.

We’re probably Zen’s biggest single customer for broadband and leased lines.

All of our partners lead the way in their area of specialism and that means we can blend the perfect combination of services to ensure robust and effective communication for our customers.

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