Microsoft Dynamics CRM for industrial lubricants manufacturer

TSG implements Microsoft Dynamics CRM for ROCOL

ROCOL industrial lubricants

The customer

ROCOL is part of ITW (Illinois Tool Works), a multi-national US owned, Fortune 200 Company. ROCOL develop, manufacture and market technically advanced industrial lubricants and line marking systems to industries worldwide.

The industrial lubricants manufacturer is based in Leeds and was established back in 1878 when Victor Ragosine developed yellow lubricating oil which he subsequently sold throughout Europe. Unlike other lubricating methods the yellow oil was virtually non-corrosive making it technically superior to other products available.

“We now have an organised way of tracking all our interaction with customers and are beginning to utilise the sales force automation techniques that CRM has to offer.”

The customer objectives

ROCOL operates from a number of different business units which, at the time of initial engagement with TSG, were each working in isolation with every user within the business having separate database access which they managed individually.

On a weekly basis the individual unit databases would be joined up to collect business information and then reissued for a new week ahead.

The business needed to develop both its data security and operating structures in order to operate seamlessly – the ultimate goal to get everyone working from one centralised database for improved data sharing.

As business processes have evolved, it was also necessary for ROCOL to provide staff with access to the company database even when working offline.

The TSG Solution

On recommending Microsoft Dynamics CRM, TSG demonstrated complete aptitude and knowledge of the CRM solution, providing a proposal with a clear-cut strategy in deployment and on-going support. They also presented vast experience of similar complex data imports, reinforcing ROCOL’s final decision to work with TSG on consolidating their business systems.

TSG experts were keen to provide ROCOL with relevant knowledge transfer of the Dynamics CRM solution, mostly to ensure that the system would be fully utilised by all staff, with the added ability to manage any small changes in-house.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a flexible solution which will offer ROCOL excellent business intelligence capabilities. Its flexibility extends far beyond the reach of most CRM software, evolving in unison with the business and providing full integration functionality.

The benefits to ROCOL

Since the implementation of Dynamics CRM, the IT team at ROCOL have taken ownership of the system enabling them to make ad-hoc changes as and when required – a great solution for them to control the system and ensure it remains fully functional at all times. Having signed up to TSG’s IT support service SystemCare, ROCOL have the added guarantee that the system is being monitored continuously by experts, protecting the business from any data loss or downtime.

Steve Wilson, IT Manager at ROCOL speaks of the benefits to the business since deployment, “We now have an organised way of tracking all our interaction with customers and are beginning to utilise the sales force automation techniques that CRM has to offer.”

The consolidation of databases has delivered a joined up approach for ROCOL staff. They now only have one view of every customer making file sharing between departments and updating customer records simple. Enriched data security means the business can also safely allow users access to the database when working offline.

When asked if he would recommend TSG to other businesses, Steve responds, “Yes”, continuing, “Their level of expertise and professionalism is second to none.”

The future for TSG and ROCOL

TSG will continue to work alongside ROCOL to support their CRM system. Steve concludes, “If we need further development of CRM outside of our skill set TSG will be our first port of call.”

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