Server Refresh for Chartered Accountant firm

TSG implements Server Refresh for Alliott Wingham Chartered Accountant

Chartered Accountant

The customer

Alliott Wingham is an established firm of Chartered Accountants, based in Southern England with offices in Fareham, Hampshire.

With a history stretching back as far as 1948, Alliott Wingham has a wealth of experience in the accountancy industry, employing around 20 staff and headed up by two directors. The Chartered Accountant firm has access to superb levels of expertise across the country as well as on a world-wide scale which can be called upon by Alliott Wingham whenever needed.

This enables the business to provide clients with a total business management and consultancy service package yet retain a local relationship.

"We aren’t IT experts, therefore we constantly use TSG to advise us on the best route forward with regards to servers and desktop PCs."

The customer objectives

Having been a customer of TSG for some years now, Alliott Wingham was keen to get expert advice on how best to refresh their IT solution.

Mark Nolan, Managing Director at Alliott Wingham adds, “We have been with TSG for over 5 years now, and they play a very important part in our business.”

The Chartered Accountant firm had a 5 year old HP ProLiant server system operating Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003.

Aside from the ageing server system, the business was mindful of the impending end of Extended Microsoft support for Exchange 2003 in April 2014. Both issues combined were the key drivers for Alliott Wingham to approach TSG for help.

Mark continues, “We aren’t IT experts, therefore we constantly use TSG to advise us on the best route forward with regards to servers and desktop PCs.  The fact that they are always forward thinking links very well into our business and allows us to be ahead of the game regarding our IT needs, whilst ensuring costs are kept to a reasonable level.”

Operating on weekdays, Alliott Wingham was keen to have as little disruption to the business as possible during the course of any transition to new IT systems.

The TSG Solution

Liaising with a third party application software provider who specialise in solutions for accountants, TSG determined that a new rack-mounted HP ProLiant DL380p Gen 8 server hardware system would be the most suitable replacement for Alliott Wingham’s ageing server system.

TSG also deployed a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 to provide “Hyper-V” virtualisation to the business. This was the physical server operating system, hosting two virtualised operating systems:

  • Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard Edition
  • Premium Add-on to Windows Small Business Server 2011, to provide a dedicated application server for the third party software

Taking into careful consideration the company’s request for minimal disruption and downtime during a working week, TSG experts were keen to complete most of the installation work required over a weekend – something that Mark is extremely complementary of TSG, remarking, “As our business relies heavily on our computers, TSG worked very closely with us to ensure that the majority of the work was completed over the weekend and with minimum downtime, which meant valuable chargeable time was not lost.  This has happened on all of our major IT projects and has helped us considerably to ensure we can still operate whilst improving our IT systems.”

Having already signed up to TSG’s SystemCare service some years ago, Alliott Wingham was also able to refresh their support contract to cover all new equipment and software installed.

The benefits to Alliott Wingham

The new server has removed the increasing risk Alliott Wingham was running continuing on with their ageing server. With a solid foundation in place, the business can enjoy benefits including improved network speed and reliability.

With a faster network connection, staff are able to work more efficiently, and with SystemCare, TSG’s proactive IT support service running in the background, the team at Alliott Wingham can put their trust in having a steadfast network every day to keep the business running.

Mark continues to be happy with the SystemCare service from TSG commenting, “TSG take the strain away especially with their SystemCare product, allowing remote monitoring when businesses need it most.”

Mark also sees great value in having a local IT supplier who he or anyone in the team can call upon should they need help or advice. “The fact that TSG is local also means if there are issues, any necessary downtime is minimalised to hours rather than a day which was the case with our previous IT support company.”

Rating the service from TSG as excellent, Mark is more than happy to recommend TSG’s IT services, adding “I would without hesitation recommend TSG to other businesses and contacts that I have. It is a well-established business which operates in such a way that makes IT interesting.”

The future for TSG and Alliott Wingham

Mark is already keen to chat to his account manager in terms of the next project to further enhance Alliott Wingham’s IT solution.

“We will be undertaking a PC refresh in the next 6 months, so TSG will be our first call. There is a potential for assistance on the telephony side of the business too.”

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