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TSG implements Golf Membership Software for Romsey Golf Club

The customerGolf Membership Software

Romsey Golf Club offers over 100 years of golfing heritage to the most demanding golfer. It offers a challenging experience to the most experienced golfer as well as an opportune training ground for those new to the wonders of golf.

Romsey Golf Club, founded in 1900, is one of the oldest golf clubs in Hampshire and provides an attractive venue for its 550 active members. Measuring 5,718 yards, the 18 hole course provides golfers with a varying terrain with slopes, rolling fairways and subtle changes of elevation, adding to an enjoyable challenge to golfers of all handicaps. The club is committed to providing its members and visitors with a first class experience to help encourage repeat visits to the course.

‘EnterpriseGCM has proved to be the perfect solution for Romsey Golf Club. It can monitor member subscriptions and identify which member payments have not been received on time.’ 

The customer objectives

The club required leading-edge technology to give it a better overview of its members and any over due payments. Romsey Golf Club turned to local specialist, Technology Services Group (TSG) to provide a tailored solution it could use to better understand and manage the clubs various functions. With membership services being core to the club’s operation, it required a solution that would provide it with a comprehensive view of the club’s membership base. Club Manager, Mike Batty said ‘EnterpriseGCM quickly became the key to maintaining our records effectively and provide us with a 360 degree view of the club’s members.’

The TSG Solution

Romsey Golf Club was extremely impressed with TSG's Golf Membership software, EnterpriseGCM’s core membership database solution and so decided to integrate EnterpriseGCM’s handicap management software module as a bolt-on to the original implementation. TSG’s membership software EnterpriseGCM is an integrated software suite that makes the day-to-day management of a golf club simpler, smoother and more productive. It improves the administration of golf club membership, subscriptions, tee and lesson time scheduling, point-of-sale and function room bookings. ‘We were desperately unhappy with our previous handicapping software. It didn’t integrate with the main Golf Club Management software at the time and it left us struggling,’ comments Mike Batty. ‘TSG’s integrated EnterpriseGCM solution provides us with everything we need in one relational database.’

Romsey Golf Club has also introduced a touch screen for members to use and input their own scores for club competitions and monthly medals.

The benefits of Golf Club Management Software to Golf Clubs

The Golf Membership Software (EnterpriseGCM) has proved to be the perfect solution for Romsey Golf Club. It can monitor member subscriptions and identify which member payments have not been received on time. The solution’s straightforward interface has empowered the staff to monitor the performance of the club and gain more of a handle on revenue streams and up sell opportunities.

The future for TSG and Romsey Golf Club

Through the five years Romsey Golf Club has been utilising the EnterpriseGCM solution, the club has been extremely happy with the support it has received from TSG. Mike Batty concludes, ‘We are delighted to act as a reference site for TSG and I’m sure we will continue to use TSG’s Enterprise GCM solution for years to come.’


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