Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tyre Suppliers

TSG implements Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tyre-Line

The customerMicrosoft Dynamics NAV

Tyre-Line Original Equipment is a successful and rapidly-expanding tyre supplier business. To support their growth and stay ahead of the competition, they realised they needed a joined up system with flexible and modern technologies, enabling them to adapt to supplier and market demands instantly. What happens when the demands of customers and suppliers evolve beyond the scope of your existing business software? When Tyre-Line were faced with this situation they discussed options with TSG, whom they’d known for over 10 years. The result was a new Microsoft system that offers very powerful functionality and customisations – allowing them to move beyond pre-defined ways of doing business..

'Specialised areas of our business, where we had previously relied on having to carry out our processes in a pre-defined way, can now operate to optimum efficiency thanks to the flexibility of Dynamics NAV'

The customer objectives

TSG has worked with Tyre-Line for over 10 years and therefore had an in-depth knowledge of their needs. In 2001, TSG implemented Sage Line 500 software, which had itself been a huge step forward. Sage Line 500 provided pre-defined processes which had speeded up previous bespoke or manual work-arounds. However these pre-defined processes didn’t offer the flexibility or customisations to take Tyre-Line’s efficiency to the next level. To move forward, TSG recommended a completely new business system which could be easily tailored to Tyre-Line’s specific requirements.

The TSG Solution

Tyre-Line’s new business system from TSG is Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Formerly known as Microsoft Navision, the latest system offers a powerful mix of modules including Financial Management, Manufacturing, Business Intelligence, Sales & Marketing and Distribution. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has the potential for customisation that’s needed by a company like Tyre-Line with its unique processes - the Distribution Module allows the development of customised ways to track stock levels, manage tailored pick orders, and organise real-time data about shipments. Tyre-Line has also signed up to TSG’s IT Support service, SystemCare, which looks after the full range of IT support issues throughout the organisation. SystemCare gives Tyre-Line the back-up which could be expected from a full in-house IT team, offering rapid response and remote monitoring of systems to ensure that any technical hitches are spotted before they can develop into major problems.

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the tyre supplier industry

Edward Musson, Managing Director of Tyre-Line, says, ‘We were massively impressed with the additional functionality of Dynamics NAV. Specialised areas of our business can now operate to optimum efficiency.’ He has already recommended the system to business colleagues. The new customised system comes with the reassurance of IT support from TSG SystemCare 2.

The future for TSG and Tyre-Line

Tyre-Line now has a joined-up Microsoft infrastructure and TSG is working to extend it further. The next step is to expand their Microsoft SharePoint solution, which will make it easier to set up and follow internal processes and to share information.


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