Sage 200 Online for hair care products manufacturer and distributor

TSG implements Sage 200 Online for McCarthy Inter Africa

Hair careThe customer

McCarthy Inter Africa manufactures and distributes hair care products throughout the UK and globally.

The start-up business is relatively new with an office in Salisbury and homeworkers covering the nearby areas.

“Since we’ve been using Sage 200 Online the business has operated efficiently and has already delivered clear cost benefits”


The customer objectives

Although a new business, the team involved in setting McCarthy Inter Africa up had previously worked together at a company that dealt with TSG. Therefore they’d seen first-hand TSG’s ability to provide excellent IT support and levels of service.

They required a software solution that would manage necessary processes and allow for the forecast projected growth as the business matured.

The company the team had worked for operated Sage 200 - a powerful and flexible modular solution. With experience in using Sage 200 on a daily basis and understanding its reporting and business intelligence capabilities, it seemed a sensible approach to consider Sage 200 from the beginning as their ERP solution.

Philippa Holttum, a Consultant at McCarthy Inter Africa talks about the new venture and primary focus, “Having broken away from our previous employment to form a new venture, using TSG and Sage 200 was the logical choice. We needed an accounting system that would operate in the same way as an on premise version but provided us with the functionality to access it at any time and from anywhere.”

Philippa continues, “From our experience using Sage 200, we knew it was a great reporting tool and easy to use, we just needed guidance on making the online version work for us.”

Due to a relatively tight start-up budget TSG initially discussed the options of deploying Sage 50 into the business - usually the entry level software for new start-up businesses.  However, when comparing against Sage 200 there were some key functional differences between the two offerings that meant Sage 50 did not fit McCarthy Inter Africa’s requirements.

The business needed to manage;

  • Stock in multiple locations
  • Foreign Currency Trading
  • Have reporting layers on the Nominal Ledger

The traditional model of having software installed on a server and accessed by users did not fit the set up at McCarthy Inter Africa. There was a single office [that is not always manned], with other users working from home. Therefore the practicalities and cost of having a server onsite significantly increased the budget for the software project.

TSG had to address the businesses hardware requirements as well as facilitate home workers accessing the server. Based on this Sage 200 Online was identified as the best solution for McCarthy Inter Africa, promising real advantages including;

  • No server required – no upfront investment
  • Low cost of entry – subscription pricing, pay per user per month
  • High level of functionality – McCarthy Inter Africa knew that long term they wanted to run Sage 200 and the functionality of Sage 50 would not be sufficient for the business as it expanded

The TSG solution

Sage 200 Online is the new online or cloud-based version of Sage 200.

It’s the ideal solution for McCarthy Inter Africa in that it facilitates remote workers to provide the team with instant access to the system anytime and anywhere.

Built on the Windows Azure platform, Sage 200 Online provides security measures which will be invaluable to McCarthy Inter Africa with automated back-ups as standard to ensure the business stays operational.

Since deploying the solution, TSG has provided the business with training and support as the team at McCarthy Inter Africa build their knowledge of using the Sage 200 software efficiently. Philippa adds, “We are very pleased with the trainers, software support and technical assistance from TSG so far. It’s clear that the team at TSG who we have dealt with are experts in their field, providing us with sound advice and often giving us ideas for better ways to use the Sage software to benefit the business.”

She continues, “We would definitely recommend TSG and Sage 200 Online to anyone considering cloud technologies.”

The benefits of Sage 200 Online to McCarthy Inter Africa

McCarthy Inter Africa’s requirements were well suited to the cloud based version of Sage 200.

With Sage 200 Online, staff working from home can share data easily and work smarter. Sage 200 Online manages the business’s finances, customers and reporting elements – all in one solution.

“Since we’ve been using Sage 200 Online the business has operated efficiently and has already delivered clear cost benefits”, says Philippa. “Although most of the staff here work in isolation, we’re always in touch and any data is recorded within the system to give us one view of the business.”

The cloud based version of Sage 200 has allowed the business to manage their start-up budget effectively, with monthly payments rather than upfront costs allowing them to allocate some of the budget elsewhere.

The future for TSG and McCarthy Inter Africa

At the moment the business is enjoying natural growth and has no requirements for further development of their IT solution just yet.

Philippa concludes, “TSG has provided us with solutions for our changing needs in our last place of employment, and we see no reason why they should not continue to do so with McCarthy Inter Africa.”

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