Virtual call centre for Service Management company

TSG implements virtual call centre for Bernicia

VirtualisationBernicia provides essential central services such as IT, Finance, Business Improvement, Business Assurance, Organisational Development (including HR) and Risk Management.


Created as a vehicle for a partnership of three organisations, Bernicia’s goal was to provide better care for 8000 homes and make it easier for tenants to communicate with them for advice or to gain access to services and support.


In working with Bernicia, it was evident that while the system needed to be centralised for efficiency, for tenants it would need to remain “local”, in reality it would be virtualised over the group offices across the region. Existing systems would be used when possible.


In order to fulfil the need, the virtual contact centre incorporated Automated Call Distribution (ACD) to ensure that regional calls were dealt with locally and the best operator would be allocated the call. Mitel telephony ensured backward compatibility with existing systems, and provided remote teleworker capability for home working. MS Exchange 2007 provided the new email integration replacing Lotus Notes.

"The virtual nature of our systems has meant that we have been able to take the Contact Centre to our customers, allowing them to benefit from efficient call handling in a much shorter timescale."


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