Payroll Year End

Payroll Year End

Do you need help with Payroll Year End?

How we can help

At TSG we understand this becomes one of your most important and busiest periods of the year – that's why we have Sage, Pegasus and Dynamics NAV software experts on hand to help you run your payroll year end accurately and efficiently, and without too much disruption to your business.

If you require assistance, our experts can help you to;
  • Carry out the payroll year end procedure, ensuring all appropriate checks are carried out
  • Identify and correct any errors prior to Payroll Year End processing
  • Understand the different statutory forms and when they need to be submitted
  • Understand the process for electronic submission of P14 and P35 forms
  • Get ready for processing payroll in the new tax year


P32 Processing screen is crashing with Property not found

Pegasus have advised that this is a known issue which will be addressed in a future release.

In the meantime, they advise that clicking ignore on the message will allow the user to continue, alternatively this is not a problem if the Accelerator Keypad is used in conjunction with the Classic Navigator/Menu Bar.

Important information regarding Scottish tax

In late February 2017 the Scottish Parliament confirmed changes to the standard rate Scottish Tax band from 31,930 to 31,500. As a result of these changes, Pegasus have released new versions of Opera 3 (2.40.10) and Opera II (7.60.10).

Payroll installations for customers affected by Scottish tax rules (i.e. you have an employee who is a Scottish resident) must be updated with the new Scottish Tax band before the first pay period of the 2017/18 tax year is processed. This can be done in one of the following ways:

• If you have been upgraded to Opera 3 (2.40.10) or Opera II (7.60.10) you don’t need to do anything.
• If you have been upgraded to Opera 3 (2.40.00) or Opera II (7.60.00) you can remain on your existing version. The tables can be amended manually by going into Payroll > Utilities > Scottish Tax > Table 2 (tab at the top) > change the 20% line to 31500 > click ‘OK’ N.B. You will need to do this for each payroll company you have.
• Request a CD of the new version to install yourselves, this will update the tables.

In addition the Opera 3 (2.40.10) or Opera II (7.60.10) release also contains the resolution to a problem encountered when using payments linked to a reducing balance deduction profile (where the corresponding accumulated deduction balance is to be reduced by the amount of payment); e.g. holiday payments. This release must be used for processing such payments. If you use a reducing balance deduction please contact Pegasus support to arrange an upgrade.

If you have any queries with this, please telephone Pegasus support on 0333 220 0777 or email

Supported Platform Information

Pegasus is supported on Windows Vista and above including Windows 10 (home editions not supported), also supported on server 2008 – 2012 and SQL server 2008 – 2014
NOTE: Windows XP, server 2003 and SQL server 2005 are no longer supported –please speak to TSG to find out more.

Installation Guides

This year all the information is being held in the Pegasus Information Centre –  go to to get what you need.

Release numbers are as follows
  • Opera 3 (2.40)
  • Opera II (7.60)
  • Online Filing Manager (3.70)
Summary of changes

New Advanced Payments & Deductions report (Opera 3 only): The Advanced Payments & Deductions list is a new multi-period, multi-payment and deduction report that will assist you with new gender pay gap reporting requirements.

Payrolling company car benefits: The Full Payment Submission (FPS) in the 2017/18 tax year can include company car details if you want to payroll this benefit.

Apprenticeship levy: The way that the Government funds apprenticeships in England is changing in the 2017/18 tax year. Some employers will be required to pay a new apprenticeship levy. Funding for apprenticeships will also change.

P60 formats: These have been updated, and approved by HMRC.

Scottish Income Tax rates and bandwidths: The Scotland Act 2016 provides the Scottish Parliament with powers to set the income tax rates and bands that will apply to Scottish taxpayers. 

PAYE, NI and statutory payments The rates, bandwidths and thresholds have been updated according to changes announced in the Autumn Statement.

Auto enrolment thresholds: These have been updated according to the changes announced by The Pensions Regulator.


FAQs for Pegasus Payroll Year End

I have been sent a CD, do I need to upgrade my system?

If you run payroll then YES you must upgrade your Pegasus system.   If no payroll is in use then there is no need to upgrade right now.

When do I carry out the upgrade?

You should upgrade the software before running the final pay period of the current tax year. 

Do I need to run a back-up before I upgrade?

Yes it is imperative that you backup your entire Pegasus system before proceeding with the upgrade.   This is explained in the installation guide.

Where do I find the documents relating to the upgrade.

This year all the documents are online- go to to find all the information you will need.   

What are the statutory changes for year end 2016/2017

A summary of the changes is shown further up this page.

I am running the upgrade CD and it doesn’t say UPGRADE

Make sure you are on the server where OPII/O3 is installed – then try again. If it still doesn’t say upgrade then do not carry on as the installation will go to the wrong place.

Do I need to run a UDS after the upgrade?

Yes Update Data Structures MUST be run on ALL companies and you MUST tick to update the statutory rates on all companies - but note that you do not need to tick on Force Rebuild of Indexes or Run Unattended.

Getting Error 12 after upgrade?

Generally happens when you have not run an Update Data Structures on all companies. Run the UDS now.

Do I need to run a week 53?

This will depend on when your employees are to be paid. It is the date of payment to the employee that defines the period number and not the dates they are being paid for.   If in doubt then check with your tax office.

How do I record my monthly Payments made to HMRC?

In Payroll, P32 Processing click Action and then Payment  - remember to click the Add New record Icon   then enter each month’s Payment.

Online Filing Manager is not working/installed

This must be installed from the CD on each PC that will be sending details through.

What do I have to do to carry out my Payroll Year End?

Refer to the Checklist Guide which is available at -

I have run the year end clear down and there are still YTD balances showing?

This is because you did not tick on the payments and deductions you wanted to clear down. You will need to go back and run Zeroise Balances – within Payroll – EOY/Special Reports and tick the items that you want to clear down.

How can I find out more about Auto Enrolment

Please refer to the Pensions how to guide at:


Please keep checking this page for updates and other important information around Payroll year end. We will be updating it regularly with any issues we've uncovered and even a Q&A section which may provide you with quick answers.


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