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Office 365: The basics

Business-essential functionality on premise and in the cloud

You know that any Microsoft Office Suite comes with the programmes you need to do your job. With Office 365, your business can make significant savings on hardware and software upgrades, because you’ll always be on the latest version. You’ll need less IT support thanks to Microsoft’s guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

Subscription-based model cost savings are more cost-effective than buying individual licenses.

The packages

Exchange Online

Most businesses these days would grind to a halt without email. With Office 365 you can access email securely on any device, anytime, anywhere. With the need for fewer on premise servers, you'll see an immediate ROI with reduced floor space.

  • Cloud and on premise availability

  • Office as a cost-saving subscription

  • Available on tablets on phones, with up to 5 devices per user

  • New add-on features for existing programmes, including Morph and Office Mix

Office Productivity Suite

The old favourites – but if everyone in your business isn’t on the same version, that can pose huge problems. With Office 365 you’ll always be on the latest version, with the added benefits of:

  • 50GB user mailbox limit

  • Business class email platform

  • Options for archive and E-Discovery

  • Synchronised calendar and contacts

  • Accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere.


File sharing is common practice these days, in businesses and in personal life. But few services offer the level of security your business needs – step forward OneDrive. With your data in the cloud, it's safe from disasters like fire, and often from malware like Ransomware as it's not stored natively on your machines and network.

  • Access from any device, anytime, anywhere

  • Personal and business file storage - 1TB per user

  • Edit shared documents quickly and easily

  • Share data inside and outside of the organisation securely

Skype for Business

Brings a new dimension to the way you communicate with colleagues. Skype for Business reduces the need for travel (and therefore unnecessary costs) with its extensive functionalities. It’s like being in the same room as your colleagues throughout the country, or even the world!

  • Instant messaging

  • Video conferencing

  • Screen sharing

  • Conference calls

  • Presence information


We’d argue it’s the ultimate collaboration tool, and that’s why it’s an essential in every business. It also sits at the heart of many ground-breaking solutions built by experts at TSG. But don’t just take our word for it – businesses cite SharePoint as a key factor in increased employee productivity (Forrester).

  • Collaborative working environment

  • Secure and control data access

  • Intranet for your business

  • Build better business processes

  • Document management and workflow

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