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Sage 200 Bill of Materials

When you don't need a full manufacturing suite, Sage 200 Bill of Materials is ideal

What is Sage 200 Bill of Materials?

Ideal for businesses involved in light assembly that don't require the full complexity of the Manufacturing module, Sage 200 Bill of Materials is available as a stand-alone module.

It’s also perfect for distribution operations who deal with kits, packs and basic assemblies.

Sage 200 BoM splits the manufacturing operation into easy-to-access areas, including materials, labour, operations, machines and reports.

The benefits of Sage 200 Bill of Materials

  • Create allocations to reserve stock and generate pick lists

  • Creates an audit trail for each step of the production process

  • zBreaks down complex production processes into individual elements

  • Add sub-assemblies, components and operations using easy to choose lists

  • Allows you to monitor, control and cost your manufacturing or assembly processes 

  • Automatically store multiple versions for a historical record of the differences between each

  • Can also be used in tandem with Sage 200 Manufacturing module to generate works and sales orders

  • Allocate to specific areas of your business such as machines, operations, materials and labour, and report on them separately

  • Cost options allows you to cost in full, individual or multiple bill of materials records – important when looking at timings, costs and pricing

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