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SharePoint: The Basics

Microsoft SharePoint: A Versitile Platform

Whether your solutions will support HR processes, project management, quality systems, complex workflows or underpin governance and decision-making, it makes sense to use SharePoint as the platform.

The ultimate collaboration tool

Project-specific inboxes and social threads are the ideal way to stay informed on a project. SharePoint also drives Office 365’s innovative conversation-based collaboration platform, Teams.

The Microsoft ecosystem

SharePoint integrates with other Microsoft products including Dynamics NAV and CRM like a dream, and actually underpins innovative Office 365 tools including OneDrive, Planner, Teams and more. 

Document management

A complete document management system, SharePoint (with the help of TSG experts) can improve your: storage and organisation of documents, version control, management and document policies.

Project management

SharePoint brings together the right people and the right resources, offering the perfect combination of document management, version control, collaboration tools and workflows. 

Quality procedures

Maintaining accreditations means having rigorously controlled and documented systems and processes. SharePoint helps you to maintain responsibility and accountability, and ensure your processes are clear and watertight.

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