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SharePoint: The Cool Stuff

Achieve the impossible with SharePoint

Better than out-of-the-box

SharePoint offers significant advantages over out-of-the-box alternatives, which are not only expensive but can lead to fragmented, disjointed systems that are complex and costly to integrate. SharePoint can be tailored to suit your business.

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Third-party integration

Not using a Microsoft ERP or CRM solution? No problem. SharePoint can also integrate with your Sage and Pegasus solutions, pulling in a range of data sources to extend their functionality.

Efficient workflows

As an award-winning Nintex partner, we’re perfectly placed to deploy Microsoft SharePoint workflow solutions to streamline processes and automate time-consuming, manual tasks. A world-leader in workflow solutions, Nintex Workflow for SharePoint is the most utilised third-party tool.

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A versatile platform

We can build the best solutions that have collaboration tools, document and data management, workflows, forms and advanced search capability to share knowledge, maintain compliance, create efficiencies and ensure that teams work together effectively regardless of location.

Your business’ knowledgebase

All businesses could benefit from a comprehensive knowledgebase. Built around lists and libraries, with a powerful search functionality, we can build your knowledgebase using only SharePoint.

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Sector-specific solutions

  • SharePoint for Education

    Use SharePoint as your intranet or extranet. SharePoint can also be a versatile, comprehensive VLE thanks to its document management and search.

  • SharePoint for Legal/Finance

    SharePoint is the ideal solution for managing compliance processes, with version control and advanced document management capabilities.

  • SharePoint for Manufacturing

    SharePoint can support the specific requirements of the manufacturing industry through quality management, version control and ERP integration.

  • SharePoint for Construction

    SharePoint as a project site is perfect for project-led approaches in construction. Our experts have built hundreds of project sites with predefined project templates.

  • SharePoint for Customer Service

    With a SharePoint knowledgebase, your customer service team can respond to queries quickly thanks to the powerful search functionality, and access training resources.

  • SharePoint for HR

    HR teams can use SharePoint as an intranet to keep colleagues up-to-date, as well as integrating it with training calendars, booking forms, appraisal systems and more.

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