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Reducing inventory holding for Carraig Donn

Thanks to insights from Qlik Sense, Carraig Donn has reduced its inventory by 20% to free up 500,000 in working capital

The company

Established in 1965, Carraig Donn is a premier retailer of fashion, jewellery and giftware products. The company currently employs 470 people across its head office and 38 retail stores.

The challenge

The business was looking to get instant visibility on stock, budgets and targets, which would allow the team to be able to make smart and informed decisions based on facts.

A key goal of Carraig Donn was to reduce inventory holding by gaining a better insight into customer buying trends, allowing a quicker response and to streamline and optimise its supply chain.

“As a result of implementing Qlik Sense, we’ve significantly reduced stock loss by gaining a better insight into shopping trends and customer buying behaviour.”

- Michael Callaghan, Head of Commercial Finance

The solution

TSG experts were able to demonstrate the power of Qlik by taking a snapshot of Carraig Donn's business data and build a dashboard complete with visualisation in just a few hours.

The reporting tool is natural and intuitive, making it easy to share with colleagues so everyone can benefit from the experience. Qlik allows Carraig Donn to freely explore all possible associations in its data to gain valuable business insights.