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We hope that, like many TSG customers, your business is growing from strength to strength and that you’ve come to appreciate the value of business management software. If you currently use Sage 50, we’d strongly recommend that you explore the benefits that upgrading to Sage 200 Suite could bring to your business by speaking to one of our experts.

Where the limitations of Sage 50 are likely to be frustrating, the rich functionality of Sage 200 will open up a range of exciting possibilities.

Based on Microsoft SQL Server database Sage 200 offers scalability, accommodating up to 50 users and allowing unlimited transactions without archiving. That means more users working more quickly without data corruption and for those business trading internationally, foreign currency transactions don’t require separate bank accounts.

Reporting, analysis and business performance management functions are more powerful and more in-depth, allowing you to drill down in to the detail whilst separate a Business Intelligence module provides even more impressive reporting options. Multiple cost centres and departments provide improved analysis; multiple warehousing, batch and serial numbering and stock management provide improved tracability; and you can manage pricing and discounts using a built-in pricing matrix.

Of course, you and your team will continue to work in a familiar user interface and TSG can guide and support you through a seamless migration to ensure that you get the most from your new tools.

Download the Sage 200 suite brochure to find out more today!

Sage 200 suite brochure

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