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We’ve built embedded relationships with the biggest players in the IT world

Working with best of breed technologies means that you can be confident that we’ll deliver a future-proof solution with exceptional support.

It’s no accident. We choose to work with the most respected brands because they meet the rigorous evaluation criteria set by our technical specialists. Working with a select number of partners ensures that our experts develop genuine in-depth, inside-out knowledge and our strong relationships mean that we can resolve issues more quickly, tap into formal, agreed escalation procedures and offer better deals than you could ever achieve, even by going direct.

Representing the interest of thousands of customers, we’re always happy to punch above our weight in driving forward the innovation of our partners and influencing their strategy. We’re confident that the combined strength of TSG’s expertise in deploying solutions and the reputation of our partner brands will deliver the reliability, availability, performance and security you need from your IT mix.


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