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As Microsoft drives its mission ‘to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more’, ongoing innovations across Office 365 are designed to help businesses of all sizes start their journey towards digital transformation.

Whether you’re looking to drive process automation and efficiency, respond faster to prospects and win more sales, or empower your people to work smarter and improve the customer experience, these technologies are both accessible and affordable. Office 365 is set to become the glue that sticks together fragmented systems.

Office 365 goes beyond previous Microsoft Office suites that just offered Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. by including truly innovative business transformation tools – at no extra cost.

Microsoft Office has a proven ROI of 154%, and initial investment is paid back in under 6 months. The increase in worker productivity is equivalent to over £60k over 3 years thanks to anytime access through the cloud. (Forrester)


We’d argue it’s the ultimate collaboration tool, and that’s why it’s an essential in every business. It also sits at the heart of many ground-breaking solutions built by experts at TSG. But don’t just take our word for it – businesses cite SharePoint as a key factor in increased employee productivity (Forrester).

• Collaborative working environment
• Secure and control data access
• Document management and workflow
• Intranet for your business
• Build better business processes


Currently in preview, Flow is an exciting automation tool designed to set up automated workflows that trigger actions and notifications, synchronise files, collect data, and more.
You can do the simple things – like automatically uploading updated documents, or the complex – capturing, tracking and following up leads automatically.

• Automate time-consuming tasks and processes
• Connects with 45 popular online services
• Add actions and conditions
• Create from scratch or use existing templates


PowerApps allows you to create apps quickly and easily that both serve out and capture information, by connecting to a wide range of data sources.

• Build apps without writing code
• Create apps for mobile, tablet or web
• Apply logic flows to trigger actions like automated emails
• PowerApps intelligently builds screens as a starting point
• Easy drag and drop functionality


The best way to organise your workload. Both team leaders and colleagues can view and sort tasks by buckets, assigned colleagues or progress.

• Both team leaders and colleagues can view and sort tasks by buckets
• Dashboard provides a visual overview of project statuses
• Set notifications and reminders so you never miss a deadline
• Add useful files and documents to tasks or plans
• Updated colleagues on progress quickly and easily


Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights, with rich dashboards allowing you to monitor key metrics across your business.

• See your whole business on one dashboard
• Transform, analyse and visualise data
• Easy drag and drop functionality
• Connects to a wide range of data sources



Delve is your one-stop shop for everything that’s relevant to you right now. From people to documents, find out what your colleagues are working on, and never lose a file again.

• Shows you all of your recent documents, plus ones you might be interested in
• Find people relevant to you, and information about them
• Never worry about forgetting a document title again – it’s all in Delve


Office 365 offers a modern video platform that allows you to share important videos – from training to director communications and marketing – with your colleagues.

• Integrated with Yammer, Delve SharePoint
• Spotlight your most important content
• Stay informed through the growing medium of video


As part of Microsoft’s collaboration offering, Yammer is a business-class social platform that can be used to share ideas and gather feedback.

• One-to-many business communication tool
• Collate feedback and ideas in a controlled environment
• Corporate social network


Take your stuffy business presentations to the next level, or create reports, newsletters and stories with this next-gen content creation tool.

• Intuitive tool that does the hard work for you – just add your content and go
• Add interactive content to bring your story to life
• Intelligently suggests more content based on yours – no juggling search engines and apps
• Share easily with a link – or embed into your website or app


No more worrying about compliance – Office 365 complies with industry-standard regulations, and is designed to help your business meet regulatory requirements.

• Lowers compliance costs and effort by using built-in industry standards and best practice 

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