Why use Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint offers significant advantages over the alternatives, especially when those alternatives are out-of-the-box solutions.

Not only can out-of-the-box solutions be expensive, but they are inevitably fragmented and disjointed, and integration with other systems is complex and costly.

Identifying the reasons behind why you should use SharePoint

We know from experience that some organisations have so many isolated solutions that the problems run out of control.

On the other hand, solutions and ‘apps’ built using SharePoint integrate seamlessly with everything else in the modern Microsoft technology ecosystem.

Most importantly, our approach at TSG is to build Microsoft SharePoint solutions without a single line of compiled code.

That’s important for two key reasons – compatibility and future upgrades.

No complicated coding means no more cobbling together bits of stand-alone software and no risk of being reliant on the specific individuals who created the code in the first place.

So whether your solutions will support HR processes, project management, quality systems, complex workflows or underpin governance and decision-making, it makes sense to use SharePoint as the platform.

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