More and more manufacturing companies are benefiting from implementing CRM and ERP solutions.

The manufacturing industry has been hit hard over recent years with increased competition from overseas, rising costs of raw materials and a reduction in consumer expenditure. In tough times it is easy to put a freeze on all non essential company expenditure. However investing in an ERP or CRM solution really could be the best money you've ever spent.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is used in the Manufacturing Sector to build relationships with existing clients at the same time as attracting new clients. Implementing a CRM solution enables most organisations to streamline internal processes and therefore helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. CRM provides you with one central location to store all information about your customers, suppliers and competitors and will reduce duplication of effort across the organisation.

CRM Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Implementing a CRM solution will bring a number of benefits to a manufacturing company including:
  • One centralised database - providing a complete view of all suppliers, customers and competitors
  • Improved communication- between staff and between the company and its customers
  • Administrative tasks are made easier as they are automated
  • Enhanced staff efficiency and effectiveness through streamlined processes.

TSG takes a product agnostic approach to supplying software and provides best in breed CRM solutions. This ensures that you get the solution which matches the exact requirements of your Manufacturing organisation.

ERP solutions for the manufacturing industry

Although CRM solutions will deliver significant benefits to companies in the manufacturing industry, there may still be some discrepancy between the system which the front office staff use and that which the back office staff use.

For example, if the people in accounts put a certain customers on stop for poor payment and sales have the same customer marked as having potential to spend a significant amount of money, there is likely to be a conflict in interests.

This is where implementing a fully integrated ERP system will help. Integrated solutions bring your whole business together, so rather than having to use completely separate systems to manage your business, everything can be done from one centralised piece of software.

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