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GDPR Technology Audit

Assessing your current technology position in relation to GDPR

TSG's GDPR Technology Audit

Our GDPR Technology Audit combines interviews with your teams, physical checks and system analysis tools to provide you with an assessment of your current technology position in relation to GDPR.

We will also work with you to check 3rd party relationships that may need to be considered and assess how personal data moves into, across and out of the business.

Our report and recommendations will cover four key areas to ensure that technology supports you in moving through and managing the GDPR lifecycle.

Four key areas covered by TSG's GDPR Technology Audit

    • Who has access to information?
    • What devices and applications do they use to access information?
    • How do you prevent unauthorised access?
    • Is there a risk that sensitive data could be shared with unauthorised users?
    • Do you know definitively where all of your data is stored?
    • Do you have systems in place to segregate sensitive personal information?
    • Do your applications allow you to categorise information effectively?
    • How well do you look after data?
    • Do you back up data regularly?
    • Is your backup secure and is this backup data correctly protected?
    • Do your systems allow you to apply policies dependent on presence of sensitive data
    • Can you apply technology to support your people in complying with processes?